Lázeňský hotel BELVEDERE

Spa Hotel Belvedere is located in Jonann. Its location offers a truly relaxing near the beautiful magic of nature represented by the spa park.

Spa Hotel Belvedere in Franzensbad accommodation:
Spa Hotel Belvedere in Franzensbad offers accommodation in single and double rooms and one suite. Single rooms are 37, the 30th double The spa Hotel Belvedere is also a just a few meters far from the building Lužnice with simply furnished rooms and Royal, which offers very comfortable accommodation.

Accommodation in Franzensbad Belvedere gastronomy:
Spa Hotel Belvedere in Franzensbad offers dining in the restaurant. At breakfast, lunch or dinner you will like the view from the hotel restaurant, which attracts its panoramic view of the walk along the promenade Isabel. The restaurant at Hotel Belvedere in Franzensbad you can enjoy local and international cuisine.

Spa Hotel Belvedere in Franzensbad accommodation services:
Spa Hotel Belvedere in Franzensbad offers the following services: it is designed primarily for the treatment of a wide range of diseases - diseases of the musculoskeletal system, kidney and urinary tract after treatment of respiratory, gynecological, metabolic and oncological diseases. Belvedere Hotel in Franzensbad offers treatments such as: bubble bath, paraffine, gut washing, mineral bath with Dead Sea salts, bath with herbs, ultrasound, electrotherapy, inhalation, massage and therapeutic exercise in the pool.

Accommodation in Franzensbad Belvedere area:
Spa Hotel Belvedere in Franzensbad offers Franzensbad know which are the youngest of the famous West Bohemian spa triangle cities. The 100 mineral springs springs in and around Franzensbad carbon dioxide and mineral salts, which is captured and used for 53 springs. Franzensbad regularly visited by many distinguished guests who have contributed to the fame Františkovy Spa worldwide. The hotel Belvedere in Franzensbad find a wealth of cultural and sports activities.

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