Amenity Zlín

Wellness Hotel Amenity in Zlín has a very convenient location. Relaxing spa amenity complex in Zlín offers accommodation in the heart of the regional capital. Guests can expect a friendly atmosphere, you appreciate yourself, whether during a massage, or sipping drinks at the bar. Hotel Amenity course in Zlín is a perfect hotel service with a wide range of services. In addition to leisure activities, the hotel also has a hotel-type facilities.

Wellness Hotel Amenity in Zlin accommodation
The Amenity wellness hotel in Zlin accommodation to serve seven fully furnished double rooms, or if we go with the whole family will be ready for you family room with two bedrooms. Each room has a minibar, TV, satellite, internet connection, safe, telephone.

Wellness hotel accommodation in Zlin amenity gastronomy
Zlin Amenity wellness hotel invites you to enjoy an original atmosphere and unique design, the café will appeal at first glance. It is not just a place to drink coffee or mixed drink, but is perfect for a quiet and pleasant stay with friends. Zlin bar offers delicious coffee, alcoholic and soft drinks, cocktails as well as all kinds of flavors. The helpful and professional staff will also always prepare something to eat.

Hotel Amenity wellness hotel in Zlín SPA
In actual operation Zlin SPA Wellness Hotel Amenity is ready for visitors range of wellness treatments which will welcome you friendly and helpful staff. Technically sophisticated equipment is created in cooperation with the German company KLAFS. This is the first professional company installed the equipment in the Czech Republic.

Hotel Amenity wellness hotel in Zlín area
Zlin area boasts a number of valuable habitats such as natural parks Chřiby, Želechovické clearings or Hostýn hills. Neither can be omitted or zoological garden in Zlín. After the beauties of nature, but also sites of Zlín and the surroundings will take you through a dense network of marked trails for hiking Club of Czech tourists and cycling. Probably the most famous sights in this corner of modern functionalist architecture. Between the two world wars in Zlín and Otrokovice created a unique urban complex, which became a symbol of Zlín skyscraper. Of the older monuments recall the ruins of the castle Lukov, Malenovice Castle, and castles in Vizovice Lešná Tečovice Gothic church in the pilgrimage church in the chip or in a bailiff Mikuláštíkovo Jasenna. Remarkable technical monument and also recreational option is 50 km long canal Bata.

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