Antik Hotel Sofia Litomyšl

Antik Hotel Sofia Litomysl defy current trends in the hospitality industry - trying to keep the form of a family hotel with a personal approach to customers, offers a new approach built for chamber music in the background in the spirit of the boutique and design hotels.

Antik Hotel Sofia hotel in Litomysl
Antik Hotel in Sofia Litomysl offers accommodation in six suites and four rooms on three floors sitouvaných newly renovated building of the First Republic villas. Each apartment Antik Hotel Sofia is made up of two rooms with bathroom (bath or shower) together. Three of them are connected to the outdoor balcony overlooking the gardens expanded. All accommodations Hotel Sofia wardrobe Litomysl have input into the hall. Hotel capacity is 26 beds and up to 8 beds.

Antik Hotel Sofia hotel in Litomysl Gastronomy
It can Antik Hotel Sofia Litomysl an optional full-service hotel and catering services. For those interested, offer not only accommodation with breakfast, is served automatically, but with half board or full board. To make your stay, the guests from spring to autumn full time residential garden can be connected with the gallery exhibition space to enjoy for the furniture and garden pavilion.

Antik Hotel Sofia hotel in Litomysl Services
The guests of Antique Sofia Litomysl you can sell the reception, beverages, gifts and small needs. You can also use the telephone and fax. Among other services Antik Hotel in Sofia is one of Litomysl flower, laundry, rental of exhibition space in the gallery, arranging weddings, exhibitions and gallery openings, music for parties, etc.

Accommodation in Sofia Litomysl Antique accommodation
Litomysl is a city where the culture is literally "breathes" with every step. In the city and its surroundings are at your disposal a large number of facilities where you can live culturally - museums, galleries, music clubs, community center, cinemas and theaters, with a rich cultural program. In the Smetana Hall is the year a variety of musical events. International opera festival Smetana's Litomysl after the Prague Spring, the oldest music festival in the Czech Republic. This festival is every year in late June and July due to the birthplace of Bedrich Smetana Litomyšl Castle.

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