Balu Apartments

Balu Apartments in Praha offers you accommodation near the city center overlooking the adjacent park and the skyline of Praha. Balu apartments in Praha are located in the entrance D, 6 Krejcarek floor of the building.

Balu Apartments accommodation in Praha
Balu Prague Apartments offer comfortable and convenient accommodation in 16 double rooms and apartments are suitable for singles or couples, but also for businessmen and families with children. Balu All apartments in Praha are very spacious, comfortable and offer enough space, so you feel really at home.

Apartments Balu catering accommodation in Praha
In Balu apartments in Praha you can order breakfast, served in the bar Balu. Exceptional design Balu bar in Praha with an atmosphere of exoticism and romance at the same time, where you can enjoy quality coffee with a light dessert or choose a rich beverage and wine list.

Accommodation in Praha apartments Balu services
Balu Apartments in Praha offers the space bar for corporate parties and important events, receptions, celebrations, social, cultural and corporate events, parties on the key and VIP party. Balu Apartments in Praha offers a number of Thai massages and treatments that are performed by Thai professionals. Pamper yourself in such a traditional Thai massage, relax with a massage oil or have it warm your tired body with a massage with lava stones. Another unique experience is a procedure fish were OK with Garra Rufus - amazing fish, which will carry natural peeling feet.

Accommodation in Prague apartment Balu
Praha is the capital of the Czech Republic and a major European metropolis. It was founded at the crossroads of trade routes, which at its birth have met in the 9th century. Prague has many faces. He can be funny and entertaining, it can be romantic and nostalgic. With its beauty and atmosphere has won many attributes such as gold, hundred-spired, the crown of the world, Prague is a magical, dream stone, the heart of Europe, the Mother of Cities and others. Is well deserved Prague cultural attribute. In addition to a rich cultural life of Prague can now boast that are formed or many artists drew inspiration. Prague is also a city of entertainment. All year one thousand shares are held. There are excellent restaurants, discos, bars, clubs, wine bars, cafes, dance halls and dances of social enterprises and other ways to have fun.

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