Camp Varry - Vítkova Hora

Bungalow Vitkova Hora in Karlovy Vary is situated on the outskirts of town in the district Olsova Gates, 4km from the historic city center. Around bungalows Vitkova Hora in Karlovy Vary trails lead directly into the spa forests. On foot or bicycle, you can visit a number of towers (Diana, Goethe's view, the prospect of Charles IV, Aberg), or climb the highest mountain in the Ore Mountains, Klinovec.

Bungalow Vitkova Hora in Karlovy Vary accommodation
Bungalow Vitkova Hora in Karlovy Vary offers accommodation for up to 50 people, which are divided for 2, 3 or 4 persons. Bungalows and 2-bedroom apartments are always equipped kitchen. Your sheet metal darlings can park next to the bungalows Vitkova Hora in Karlovy Vary.

Bungalow Vitkova Hora accommodation in Karlovy Vary gastronomy
Guests bungalows Vitkova Hora in Karlovy Vary you can order breakfast and other meals in the restaurant Vitkova Hora, which is located near the cabins. Vitkova hora Restaurant offers seating for 60 guests with the option selected foods hot and cold dishes and specialties of game and fish. A pleasant atmosphere will make selection of fine wines.

Accommodation in Karlovy Vary bungalows Vitkova Hora services
Bungalow Vitkova Hora in Karlovy Vary hotel reception offers services including currency exchange, internet access and washing. Bungalow Vitkova Hora in Karlovy Vary also offer bike rental, horseback riding, hunting, fishing and much more.

Hotel Vitkova Hora Bungalow in Carlsbad neighborhood
Carlsbad is located in Western Bohemia. Karlovy Vary is world famous and popular spa town. The city holds an annual International Film Festival. Karlovy Vary are situated at the confluence of warm and Eger. The city is surrounded by wooded slopes of hills belonging to the three surrounding mountains. In Karlovy Vary is the very experience of walking along the promenade the main street. There are plenty of colonnades, springs and sources, stores and shops. One of the attractions is the house Karlovy Vary Casanova. It is a building that is well known that in the nine stayed the poet Goethe. In the city itself and its surroundings is also a great number of towers and prospects. The Diana observation tower (547 m), which became one of the landmarks of the city leads chairlift. Carlsbad offers a myriad of cultural activities. Free time can be spent in theaters, cinemas, galleries, museums with a rich program, you can visit the library and even an observatory. If you are in Karlovy Vary, you should not miss visiting castles and palaces nearby. The galleries and museums, there are many exhibitions on various topics.

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