Galaxie hotel Zlín

Galaxie Hotel Zlín offers comfortable high-level accomodation in favourable price rates for single persons or families. There is a bathroom with shower in every room. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served for the hotel guests all-day. The guests can also visit our amusement park and wellness spa. The Galaxie complex comprises amusement park, hotel, wellness and a gourmet restaurant. It is situated in Sport area Vršava in suburbs of Zlín. There are tennis halls and courts and a couple of football fields next to the Galaxie complex. There is also a cycleway which leads from Galaxie to the center of Zlín and ZOO Lešná. Not far away from the colmplex you can find a golf course and swimming pool. Whole area is situated in a beautiful environment by the woods in the suburban area but still close to the center of the city which you can reach by public transportation or so in a few minutes. There are a lot of attractions that offer unforgettable experiences not only for your children in Amusement Park Galaxie in a hall with 2500 m2. Every attraction represents one planet or galaxy. In one day you can travel together around the universe. GALAXIE Zlín brings to the children a posibility to experience a day with fun, exercise and games in every weather. Wellness Galaxie is more then just a relaxation center offering services of active and passive relaxation. It is a professionally equiped facility which includes a sauna with starry sky, space and video projection whirlpool, relaxation room, massage salon, dressing room and bathroom. Everything is designed to make you feel really comfortable and the word „wellness“ would meet its true meaning for every guest. Unlike the other similar centers which you have to share with strange people, we guarantee you and your friends entire and undisturbed privacy throughout the stay! The philosophy of our center is to create the most comfortable conditions for your relaxation and to became a calm oasis of relaxation.

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