Hostel Mitte

Hostel Mitte is located in Brno, the historic house built in 1659 in the center of Brno on Manor Street No. 11, in one of the few objects which are not affected by extensive redevelopment in the late nineteenth century, in which center was rebuilt, and most houses demolished. Brno is the second largest city in the CR and certainly has much to offer visitors, both from a cultural and tourist aspects.

Hostel Mitte accommodation in Brno
Hostel Mitte in Brno has 6 rooms named after people and events in the region that left an unforgettable literary, artistic, scientific or political track. Austerlitz, Mucha, Tugendhat, Janacek, Gödel, Kundera. You can choose from single rooms with six, from the second floor for the fifth time. Total capacity in Brno Mitte is 21 beds.

Hostel Mitte catering accommodation in Brno
Hostel Mitte in Brno on the ground floor has a small cafe where you can sit and refreshments, where you can watch through a window in the middle of today's tourism Brno, in the common room with fitted kitchen, then you can plan to visit interesting places in Brno and its surroundings.

Accommodation in Brno Hostel Mitte services
Reception Mitte hostel in Brno is open every day from 8.00 to 23.30 hours. Mitte The hostel is located in Brno, lounge on the fourth floor and you can enjoy non-stop. Lounge is equipped with a kitchenette - fridge, stove, microwave, kettle, crockery (plates, bowls, pots, glasses, cutlery) and a table to sit with 15 points.

Hostel accommodation Mitte neighborhood in Brno
Brno was built at the confluence of the Svratka and Svitava. Brno is situated in the South Moravian plane at the eastern edge of the city turns into Bobravskou highlands. At the northern edge of the city are starting to pick up the peaks Drahany Highlands. The main feature of the town is certainly Špilberk castle with its long and troubled history. Overlooked is the Cathedral of St.. Peter and Paul. In the city there are many ancient buildings, among them the old Town Hall. A very important role cities play in the development of exhibitions and trade fairs Brno - Exhibition and Trade Fair giant that Brno famous all over the world. Wide range of exhibitions throughout the year is an extraordinary impetus to the influx of domestic and foreign visitors. Nearby Brno Reservoir Veveří or find a castle already mentioned Masaryk Circuit.

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