Hotel Frýdl s.r.o.

Frydl Hotel is located in Prague, the Prague 8 Březiněves Frydl hotel is a known and established in Prague. We offer romantic accommodation and meals in our restaurant Green Court.

Frydl hotel accommodation in Prague:
Frydl Hotel in Prague offers accommodation with a total capacity of 16 rooms, number of beds is 52nd Frydl Hotel in Prague has 5 double rooms, 6 triple rooms, 1 four-bed room and 4 apartments of 2 rooms - 1 six, 2-bed, 1 four
All rooms are equipped Frydl private bathroom with shower, toilet, washbasin, television with satellite channels and telephone. Some of the rooms in Prague Frydl have a balcony, two suites and one double room with a fireplace.

Accommodation in Prague hotel Frýdl gastronomy:
Hotel in Prague Frydl Green restaurant has an experienced chef Josef Pleskač (lessee restaurant) offers: breakfast, lunch and dinner in a rich selection of Czech and international cuisine including fish specialties. Family and social celebrations corporate events receptions in a season specialties garden grill sitting in the garden.

Frydl Hotel in Prague accommodation service:
Frydl Hotel Prague offers the possibility to organize a variety of corporate and social events, seminars, receptions, barbecues, private parties, weddings. We smile, friendliness, individual approach to each guest, assistance and information necessary to facilitate orientation in Prague and the Czech Republic. Frydl Hotel in Prague in three stylish homes on a large common garden with landscaping. The garden is also building a wooden garden-room, training room and grill. Interesting interiors are pleasant warm colors, the furniture is made of natural wood combined with rattan.

Accommodation in Prague hotel Frydl area:
Frydl Hotel Prague is located on the northern outskirts of Prague in the Prague 8 - Brezineves, among family houses in the gardens about 500 meters from the motorway exit number 8, which connects Prague, Teplice and Berlin and which is connected through the city center with a four-lane roads # 1 highway between Prague and Brno. This convenient location allows you to be around very quickly within 10 minutes by car to the city center and also offers you the relaxation in the city streets in the garden house, in the vicinity also offers a rich cultural and sports activities throughout the year.

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