Hotel Kasperk in Kasperske Hory is located in the center of Kasperske Mountains at an altitude of 730 m It is a picturesque town with a rich history. This mountain resort is a year-round tourist center, located near the upper reaches of the river Otava. Kašperk Hotel in Kašperské Mountains in 2008 was completely renovated.

Hotel Kasperk in Kasperske Hory accommodation
Hotel guests Kasperk in Kasperske Horyis available 24 rooms with typical names for the Bohemian Forest. Can be accommodated in a room such as Fox Hill, King of the Bohemian Forest and Golden Stream. All the rooms in Hotel Kasperk in Kasperske Hory their own bathroom, toilet, TV and free wireless Internet. The addition of these wonderful view of Gallows Hill and the valley below the castle Kasperk.

Hotel Kasperk accomodation in Kasperske Hory servico
Hotel Kasperk in Kasperske Hory inspires relaxation and sport lovers. The wellness center, visitors can pamper yourself with massages and exotic underwater and there is a big swimming pool, clubhouse with internet and relaxing area with stunning views. Athletes will love to try such as Nordic walking. For the firm is available equipped conference room for up to 70 people. Drivers have the option of free parking in an enclosed parking lot. You can also use the free public parking in the square.

Accommodation hotel Kasperk in Kasperske Hory gastronomy
The Hotel Kasperk in Kasperske Hory is a restaurant that boasts a truly excellent cuisine. Guests here can enjoy great food especially the Bohemian cuisine, famous steaks and fresh fish. Chefs prepare readily basket with wine, water, sandwiches and fruit for a picnic.

Accommodation in Hotel Kasperk in Kasperske Hory neighborhood
Kasperske Mountains located in Southern Bohemia, to the south of Susice. Kasperske Mountains foothills town are situated on the boundary between the foothills of the Sumava and Bohemian Forest. The city is an important center for year-round resort and is surrounded by wooded hills. The town is crossed by several cycling routes that take us into the beautiful Bohemian countryside. The town is built around several nature trails and the ethnographic areas. We can also choose from a variety of marked trails. Among the most interesting trips will surely belong expedition north of the city to the ruins of the castle Kašperk, accessible from the castle tower is a very nice view of the Šumava panorama. Going out of town we come to the northwest technical monument, which is a glass factory and Ruckl sons and settlements Annin.

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