Dependency Spa is located in Lužice Jáchymov in medical spas. Depadance block consists of two connected buildings, which were completely reconstructed in 2004 and in April 2005 re-opened. Accommodation Lusatia provides a comfortable and pleasant accommodation.

Holiday accommodation in Jáchymov Lužice:
Accommodation in Jáchymov Lužice offers a total capacity of 52 rooms, including 21 single and 31 double I category. Each room has its own bathroom, telephone and radio. The equipment is not TV or fridge. Both, however, be rented for a fee. There is a lift available to clients. Receipt of patient dependence phenomenon spa hotel reception with Curie hour. Dependency Lusatia you houses in single and double rooms.

Accommodation in Jáchymov Lužice gastronomy:
Accommodation in Jáchymov Lužice offers self-catering, or you can eat in the spa house in Prague. Surely you will enjoy and you will be satisfied.

Accommodation in Lužice Jáchymov accommodation services:
Accommodation in Jáchymov Lužice offers the following services: comprehensive medical services and therapeutic spa treatments provided by Agricola, which is located 250 meters away. Meals are served in Prague bathhouse. There is a wide range of cultural and social events and additional services that offer other spa facilities. Parking is available in guarded parking lots in the spa area.

Accommodation in Jáchymov Lužice area:
Accommodation in Lužice recognize Spa offers Jáchymov Jáchymov, which are known for their tradition and the therapeutic effect of radon water, which works very well on the human body. Jáchymov Spa offers unique treatment of the locomotor system. There is the possibility of hiking, biking, skiing and other sports. Surroundings accommodation in Lusatia Jáchymov provides a rich cultural and sports activities throughout the year.

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