Villa Renan

Pension Villa Renan is located in Park Street KarlovýchVarech in an excellent location in the spa town of Karlovy Vary. Just a few minutes walk away is the Colonnade with healing springs.

Renan Villa accommodation in Karlovy Vary:
Villa Renan in Karlovy Vary offers accommodation in 4 spacious suites, 1 double room and 1 single room. All rooms Renan Villa in Carlsbad are completely luxuriously furnished.

Holiday Villa in Carlsbad Renan gastronomy:
Renan Villa in Carlsbad offers self-catering, there is dining room with kitchen, where food připravit.Nebo you can go to some of the nearby restaurants and enjoy some special.

Renan villa accommodation in Karlovy Vary services:
Renan Villa in Carlsbad offers the following services: offers its guests free internet access via wifi. You will be interested in transfers to the pension and other according to the needs of our guests, ensuring all Villa Renan. You have a choice of spa treatments or other activities, is available to relax center is to use the sauna and whirlpool tub, and massage.

Accommodation in Karlovy Vary near Villa Renan:
Renan Villa in Carlsbad offers a large selection of attractions for spending leisure time activities, from sports to culture. Examples include the International Film Festival, as well as events in the new multifunctional center KV Arena, or the performance of Carlsbad Carlsbad divadla.V the most commonly treated problems with the digestive and musculoskeletal. There are 12 natural springs and supply of liquor called Becherovka thirteenth spring. In the vicinity of Villa in Carlsbad Renan find a wealth of cultural and sports activities throughout the year.


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