horská chata Matfyz

Marianska is located 22 kilometers from Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) and 7 kilometers from the town of Bozi Dar in the Vlci hrbet saddleback (901 meters above sea level) and ridge (933 meters above sea level), amidst deep forests and mountain meadows. Such a remote location faraway from busy traffic ways offers exceptional serenity and quietness.

Here you can really relax.

Mountain Chalet Matfyz is Mariana, the adjacent region of the historic town of Jáchymov. It offers affordable accommodation for less demanding guests away from the main road, a site characterized by peace and quiet in the bosom of nature Krušnohorské.

Mountain Chalet ACCOMMODATION in Mariánské Matfyz
Chalet provides accommodation with year-round Matfyz capacity of 37 beds. Suitable for families with children and for school trips or ski courses. There are kitchenettes equipped with a gas stove, a fridge, a kettle, a wallet of food (špajz) and the cabinets on the dishes. Furthermore, there is room for skis, bicycles, WC and shower corners common to 2 to 3 rooms, TV, radio and rent board games.

Mountain Chalet accommodation in Mariánské Matfyz RESTAURANT
Mountain Chalet Matfyz offers the ability to upsell which includes half board, breakfast buffet and served through dinner in a restaurant in the Sun, just 50 m from the hut Matfyz. For groups larger than 20 people is offered the possibility of eating directly at the cottage for an extra $ 10 per person per day.

Mountain chalet in Mariánské Matfyz accommodation SERVICES
Mountain Chalet Matfyz is primarily popular for children's summer camps, school or ski courses, because it will provide you not only accommodation and meals, but also transport, tours, family, night surveillance, health professionals, instructors-ski and SNB, the discussion with the mountain service, visit Gallery, the cable car above the Lake, a climbing wall, and the other myriad activities in beautiful nature, Krušnohorské which are popular not only with childrenbut also, for example. When teambuilding residence. Your health, you can also to forge in classical sauna with a swimming pool or in the infrasauně. Chata Matfyz Mariana can also provide a wedding reception with live music and grilled including accommodation for wedding guests. Also offers you 4 m wide honeymoon bed. Cottage is available all year round with parking directly at the object.

Accommodation in Mariánské Matfyz mountain AREA
Beautiful location, Matfyz mountain huts in the vicinity of mountain nature outside the main road, directly intended for all kinds of hiking around in the winter and in the summer, and ensures that when Your vacation or other action to the lodge, you will certainly Matfyz bored. The nearest ski resort is located a mere correction of 700 m from the hut and includes 5 tows. After skiing off to ski to the hut Matfyz. For cross country skiers lead from the cross-country tracks and the expressway near Krušnohorské is biatlonový with modified routes. Kids for change will welcome natural bobsleigh long up to 700 m far from the House. In summer, the surrounding wooded landscape directly houbařským paradise. Cyclists and hikers will also in the local beautiful countryside crisscrossed with walking trails with views of the Doupov mountains, Klínovec or Karlovy Vary, you can hire bikes at the wheel in the Mariana. You can use the pond for swimming located near cabins or in the aquapark Matfyz Jáchymov, Karlovy Vary thermal pools or on the German side, which is located a few minutes drive from the mountain huts Matfyz.

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