Lázeňská léčebna Kijev ***

Spa hotel Kijev in Frantiskovy Lazne spa is located in the middle of town, close to the colonnade. Uniqueness Spa hotel Kijev in Frantiskovy Lazne Franzensbad lies in a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, which allows special and comprehensive treatment of controlled specialist doctors, physiotherapists and other health workers.

Spa hotel Kijev in Frantiskovy Lazne accommodation
Spa hotel Kijev in Frantiskovy Lazne has 1 double suites, 33 single rooms and 38 double rooms. Rooms Spa hotel Kijev in Frantiskovy Lazne are equipped with bathroom, toilet, satellite TV, refrigerator, radio and telephone. The Spa hotel Kijev in Frantiskovy Lazne are not allowed pets.

Spa hotel Kijev accomodatiom in Frantiskovy Lazne
Spa hotel Kijev in Frantiskovy Lazne is normally provided for stays full board - breakfast choice of three meals, lunch and dinner from five to six meals. It is a diet that is provided in the Spa House building in Kiev Franzensbad.

Accommodation in Frantiskovy Lazne Spa Hotel Kijev services
Parking at the hotel spa hotel in Kijev Franzensbad is possible to pay parking area, or in parking lots in the city. At the entrance to the spa area must pay a fee 20, - CZK (automatic). There is a hotel in Kiev in Franzensbad pool, sauna and salt cave.

Accomodation Spa hotel Kijev in Frantiskovy Lazne neighborhood
In the surroundings of the Spa House in Kijev Franzensbad find many interesting excursion destinations. The most attractive of them will be for many CPC National Nature Reserve, which leads the center of the trail. You will find a vast peat bog with rich mineral springs, mud volcanoes and a number of geological, zoological and botanical attractions. On the way to the reservation, you can stop at the Butterfly farm. The historical monument is the Castle Seeberg in the late 12th century, which is secured a summer cultural program in the form of markets, exhibitions and lectures. Near the spa itself is the youngest volcano in Central Europe, Hurka Chamber. On the outskirts of town lies a pond serving America as well as recreational purposes. Small romantic beach sports offered the opportunity to rent a boat for a pleasant ride.

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